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    A Texas tumbleweed, Merrill came of age immersed in the sights and sounds of Puerto Rico’s Afro-Caribbean culture. The cadences of South Carolina left their mark on her, as well as melodies reaching from Appalachia to the Mississippi Delta. Links to her published writings:


    Kissing My Shadow

    Jezebel’s Got the Blues

    Southern Poetry Anthology VI: Tennessee

    Summer Anthology

    Silver: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry and Prose

    Green: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry and Prose


    Creative Instigator: A licensed therapist, Merrill integrates her life as a writer into The Writing Circle. She helps you find  and express life stories hidden just under your skin. Creativity, psychology and a belief in Mystery (as well as mischief) are woven into her work with groups and individuals.



    Writer: Lyricist, scriptwriter, playwright and poet. Merrill has penned lyrics for various recording artists and children's animimation projects. Her performnce piece, Jezebel's Got the Blues...and other works of imagination, was featured at the 25th Southern Festival of Books  and performed in NYC as part of the Puzzle New Works Festival. She is a featured lyricist on Mercyland (Hymns for the Rest of Us) produced by Phil Madeira, featuring musical artists Emmylou Harris, The Wood Brothers, Shawn Mullins and other artists. Her collection of poems Kissing My Shadow is was realeased 5/2/15 by Silver Birch Press.


    Artist Statement: When I’m painting I feel lost and found. Stories and poems often find their way into my work. Color and shape fully engage me as I explore mixed media, allowing paper and paint to offer up images to follow.My art has been on display in several shows over the past few years thanks to Art and Soul Co Op and the Wild Iris Art Collective. Some of my work hangs in my home, friends have swapped paintings, and other paintings are purchased by strangers who give my work a home. Thanks to all!