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    Join Tobi  and Merrill for

      WHAT: Celebrate the new year with our mindfulness and creative writing intensive. Dare to explore your depths and create new energy !

    WHERE: tba Nashville, TN

    WHEN: January 26, 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.


    (CRAZY BRAVE tentative Shedule)

    Opening introductions
    Guided meditation
    Writing Circle: write/share/reflect

    This is your hour
    Bring lunch. Relax in the company of others or find a quiet spot. Writing prompts available.

     energizing movement and meditation
    Writing Circle: write/share/reflect


    Merrill: Founder of The Writing Circle, as well as author of Jezebel’s Got the Blues and Kissing My Shadow. She is a therapist,writer,artist and creative instigator. More information at

    Tobi: Director of Residency Wellness for USC, and is a consultant to integrative medicine clinics, teaches, and has a health psychology practice called Sacred Journeying. Tobi is a meditation teacher, artist, dreamwork facilitator, and is learning to play the Ukulele. More information at