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    How do I know if the Writing Circle is for me?

    If you want to connect with your authentic voice, if you're a writer who can't find time to write, if you've never written but want to try, if you have a story inside begging to be heard, if you want to join a creative community, if you want to practice saying what you really mean, if you want to laugh and maybe sometimes cry, if you're stuck...


    What will we do in The Writing Circle?

    We will write! But first, wordplay, images, circle banter, poetry, and prompts spark the muse into action.

    The methods I integrate into The Writing Circle have helped me create recently published works: Jezebel's Got the Blues (Silver Birch Press), Storm Season (Southern Poetry Anthology: Volume VI: Tennessee (Texas Review Press), as well as various anthlogies available on Amazon (Silver Birch Press).


    Is the Writing Circle therapeutic?

    Writing has saved my life because creative expression is a vital part of who I am. That said, Writing Circles are not traditional therapy but creative exploration.  Creative exploration allows you to bypass "the critic" and create from authentic facets of Self. Because I am a licensed therapist writings created in the circle can be explored in individual sessions and if needed I can make a referral.


    Where does the Writing Circle meet?

    Writing Circles meet near Hillsboro Village. My office is an intimate urban space where six of us gather to imagine, speak truth, write and share. The 90-minute sessions often center on a writing prompt. Before we dive into writing, we loosen the imagination and wake up the muse with a combination of word play, contemplative practices, visual images and music. A few of the two hour circles are formatted for writers to bring pages into the circle.


    When does the Writing Circle meet?

    Most circles meet seasonally on a bi-montly basis. Contact me for specific dates and times.


    Who can join a Writing Circle?

    Anyone!  All you need is the willingness to dig below the surface and find the voice that is uniquely yours. All words written from a place of truth are compelling. The Circle is the perfect place for experienced writers seeking to expand their creative powers and new writers to disover their voice. If you decide to join a circle, we'll meet briefly to deterimine which Circle is the best fit.


    What is the cost?

    A 90-minutes circle is 40.00 per session. Circles that meet for two hours are 50.00 (cash, check or PayPal - you can pay at each session). WHen you sign up for series, you may pay per session rather than paying the entire cost up front. Ask me about discounts for full payment at first session. If you are an artist/writer living "close to the bone" due to dedicating yourself to art 24/7 - let me know and maybe we can work out a starving artist rate :)